Central Trade & Transfer Acquires American Partnership Board, Bringing Even More Non-traded REIT Buyers and Sellers Together On Our Auction Platform

January 2015 – We are happy to announce that we have acquired American Partnership Board’s (APB) assets, allowing us to continue the legacy that APB established as a leader in the secondary market over the past 15 years.  The consolidation of APB into Central Trade & Transfer (CTT) brings the two largest secondary market firms, accounting for over 65% of trading volume by dollar in Q4 2014, together under one roof and, more importantly, onto one trading platform.

We believe this consolidation allows CTT to offer a higher level of transparency to a larger group of buyers and sellers of non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITS) and other illiquid assets such as limited partnerships and business development companies (BDCs).  It also offers established registered representatives and their respective broker dealers a more standardized process for helping their clients with their often-unpredictable liquidity needs.

APB had deep relationships with many of the Limit Partnerships traded on the secondary market such as AEI Capital, DiVall and Rancon, while CTT has strong relationships with some of largest REITs such as Inland American Real Estate Trust and Apple Hospitality REIT.  In 2014, APB accounted for the bulk of trading in the following funds:

Although CTT also provided liquidity for many limited partnerships, its strength is in non-traded REITS accounting for largest volume in 2014 by dollar for both Inland American and Apple Hospitality REITs. CTT looks forward to continuing to offer liquidity options for these funds as wells as all funds previously traded through APB and currently traded through CTT on our standardized and transparent trading platform.

About Central Trade and Transfer

Central Trade and Transfer (CTT) is an online auction site for non-traded real estate investment trusts and other direct participation programs, helping provide liquidity for otherwise illiquid investments through the secondary market. Since 1984, the principals have completed nearly $1 billion in secondary market transactions. CTT is a Branch Office of Orchard Securities, LLC, Member FINRA/SiPC. To learn more about CTT’s auction system, or for a free REIT Secondary Market Estimate, call (877) 704-6737 or REGISTER and get a free estimate.

Date: Jan. 15

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