The Need: Liquidity


According to industry reports, over the past decade there has been nearly $100 billion in equity raised for non-traded REITs such as Inland American, TIER REIT (fka Behringer Harvard REIT I), CNL Lifestyle Properties, Hines REIT, KBS Real Estate Investment Trust, Columbia Property Trust (fka Wells REIT II), Cole Credit Property Trust, and Landmark Apartment Trust of America. These programs were purchased in a different market environment than we see today, and some properties owned by them were acquired at cap rates that have challenged many real estate operators during the recession that started in 2007. Fast forward to today and we are seeing investors that have had changed circumstances or financial predicaments that requires them to liquidate shares. There are many reasons leading investors to sell, but most often they are death, divorce, disillusionment and disability. Many non-traded REIT programs have suspended or restricted redemption programs leading to investor frustration with lack of liquidity options. See our Solution.

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